About Us

The Project currently hosts performances of historical and contemporary sacred music by, for, and about women.

Now the Project works with existing performing groups and composer ensembles: Andrea Clearfield, the Schola Cantorum of Old St. Joseph’s Church, the Massed Choir of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and others to present events. Increasingly the repertoire has evolved to include a great diversity of styles and cultures including works by Jewish American, Native American, Latin American, and African American women.

WSMP is very excited to present interfaith events.  In September, 2011, WSMP partnered with The Daylesford Abbey in Paoli and the Germantown Jewish Center to present the “Women of Valor Suite” commissioned by WSMP. The Suite includes songs of Sarah, Hagar, Rachel, Leah, Jocheved, and Miriam, telling the Exodus story from these women’s point of view. In December 2013 the Project will present another interfaith concert, Esther, which will include the Cantata “Esther,” by Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.